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Free the Snoot: Max’s Story

With the success of the “Free the Snoot” campaign, we felt it was important to showcase stories of responsible pet ownership – thank you to Max’s parents for sharing:

“This is Max, an 8 year old rescue greyhound who found his forever home in 2020.

Max is beautifully placid, well mannered and a complete snuggle bug in the home. He is also fear reactive towards other dogs.

We want everyone to know that regardless of the changes to the muzzling of pet greyhounds, we have no reservations about muzzling Max when out on walks as we know it is the safest option for both us and Max.

We believe that whilst these new regulations are a huge step forward in removing the stigma associated with ex racing greyhounds, we should also remember that these new regulations have now just given greyhound owners a choice, that is the choice to muzzle or not, which is the same choice that all dog owners (regardless of breed) should exercise.

We have been working with a veterinary behaviourist for approximately 12 months and note that Max has come a long way from the boy who would react at a dog so far in the distance we couldn’t even see it yet! But with the help of his muzzle, a pouch full of training treats and vigilant parents looking out for signs that Max is getting close to his comfortability threshold, everyone is able to stay safe and happy.

We wanted to share this story so that anyone in doubt doesn’t feel any pressure to remove their dogs muzzle if they don’t feel it’s the right choice for their dog. Judge the individual situation and your own dogs behaviour before deciding what’s best.

Finally, if you see a dog out and about wearing a muzzle, please be understanding, give adequate space and be respectful of the owners decision to muzzle their dog”.

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Bye 2021 – we thank all our supporters for the amazing year!

2021 has been a huge year for us here at Free the Hounds! We are so proud of our achievements here are just a few of them:

🤲 Fundraised over $18,000 for Candy Cane rescue to save greyhounds & other dogs from the meat trade.

🧁 Celebrated the Macau Canidrome survivors Gotcha Day with a walk & dog friendly cake.

🪧 Held 4 successful protests: Hyde Park Walk, Perth Cup, Parliament House and New Years Eve.

☀️ Attended monthly community events & markets stalls with our greyhounds promoting them as pets.

💚 Held our first ‘Nup to the Cup’ event which sold out.

🐾 Ran our biggest ‘Hounds Day Out’ with over 1000 attendees.

📃 Freed the snoot! After 5 years of advocating & working with various Members of Parliament, rescued greyhounds in WA no longer need to wear muzzles. A small step forward in reducing discrimination of this gentle breed.

🥁 And…most importantly we handed over 10,000+ handwritten signatures on our petition to end greyhound racing to the WA parliament!

Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2021! Here’s to working towards ending greyhound racing in 2022 ✨